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Welcome to Being Cool

Being Cool wants you to have fun.
Our channel covers the best fun filled events and creates some of its own.
We aim to inform and inspire you to get out and go to these events yourself.

Come down and meet us at our next event. Get involved.
We welcome ideas for future events.
Let us know.
We will attend and bring the event to a wider audience.

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Brighton Pride – The Fast and the Fabulous

27th February 2017

Fun fantastic fabulous days in Brighton.
We did this in one continuous take, no editing.
We just set the camera rolling and filmed what happened next.
Big thanks to the crowd, fantastic party people.
Brighton knows how to party.

Surviving the Night in a Car

Being Cool provides consumer advice on what to do if your car breaks down and you have to spend the night in the car.

Escaping the Office

Are you fed up with your job?
Do you want a change?
Then maybe you should escape the office.