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Welcome to Being Cool

Being Cool wants you to have fun.
Our channel covers the best fun filled events and creates some of its own.
We aim to inform and inspire you to get out and go to these events yourself.

Come down and meet us at our next event. Get involved.
We welcome ideas for future events.
Let us know.
We will attend and bring the event to a wider audience.

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Bikinis and Lamborghinis

17th May 2017

Being Cool gives you valuable consumer advice.
If your Lambo is dirty and you happen to have 3 bikini babes at your disposal, what do you do.
Well heres an idea….

Breaking News – The Fast and the Fabulous: Brighton Drift

The final part to the hit franchise “The Fast and The Fabulous”.
You better sit down for this one. You have been warned.
Mwwah. Enjoy luvvies.

Brighton Pride – Too Fast too Fabulous

27th February 2017

The sequel to the hit “The Fast and the Fabulous”.
Now with extra sauce.